Communication problems

Lack of confidence

Lack of confidence is a common. weakness,especially among entry-level contributors. Experiencing a lack of confidence can sometimes cause inefficiencies in your work. Lack of confidence can have a dramatic effect on your career. It will keep you in your comfort zone because that’s where you feel safe with little risk of failure. you may hide yourself away from social situations, stop trying new things, and avoid things you find challenging.


1.What is your communication problem?

2.Is your problem verbal or non-verbal?

3.How do you overcome to this problems?

4.How can you improve your lack of communication?

5.What issues may cause communication difficulties?





16yrs old


14yrs old


16yrs old




Nbi agent

What is your communication problem?


1.Mis interpretation of another person’s statements or motivation and lack of confidence.

2.I have no problems in communicating.

3.Lack of confidence

4.Lack of confidence

5.Lack of confidence

Is your problem verbal or non-verbal?






How do you overcome to this problems?

1.Im gonna explain it again and again to the person. I’ll ask her/him if he/she still got a question and clarification about it.

2.If there’s someone i could help with this i would say that they should read more books interact more to help them overcome some sorts of communication problem.

3.I think you can overcome to this problem by staying open minded for questions and answers.

4. I’ll talk to them personally and explain my point nicely or in a nice way.

5.I prefer not to express what i felt at all.

How can you improve lack of communication?

1.Always explain my side clearly.

2.By simply using non-verbal and verbal communication through watching, reading, writing,talking and etc.

3.Make communication a priority.take classes, read books and learn from successful communicators around you.

4.By developing an open communication with my staff.

5.By finding ways to express my thoughts and feelings without hurting others feeling’s

What issues may cause communication difficulties?

1.Poor listening skills

2.I could say some people that i know, most of them have difficulties in speaking english because they lack knowledge in grammar and how to use word in sentence.

3.Poor leaderships

4.In our line of work as a nurse,i find it difficult to simply express my thoughts and feelings towards my staff due to their busy and toxic schedule.

5.Being a kind person may also be an issue when it comes to communication difficulties,because instead of showing your true and real feelings and emotions you rather find it better not to express it all so not to hurt other’s feelings.

How to overcome lack of confidence?

1.try sorrounding yourself with positive healthy people who acknowledge and reinforce your positive attributes as well as your contributions and who genuinely support you.

2.You can also try making a list of your achievements and strengths to remind yourself of your feats, and then review it whenever you lack self-esteem and need to feel better about yourself.

3.You should also become aware when you are too critical of yourself, and then remind yourself that these are not facts, which will help you avoid negative emotions that can lead to negative self-talk.

4.Don’t compare yourself to others,Psychotherapists warn that comparisons only lead to a negative self-image, which can lead to poor self-esteem, stress, and anxiety that in turn can ruin your work, relationships, and physical and mental health.

5.Simple things like taking a shower, brushing your hair, wearing clean clothes, eating right, and exercising regularly help you feel better about yourself. Source:

Communication plays a big part in our everyday life. Through communication, we may able to express ourself to others and vice versa. It was even a helpful tool in building strong relationships among men. However there are some difficulties that hinders good communication with others that may cause misunderstanding on the speaker and listener.but if we can improve ourselves and our communication skills, we can overcome these difficulties and hindrances that may lead to a better communication as well as relationship with others.